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Liden Films concluded the first season of Tokyo Revengers in September 2021 after giving us 24 spectacular episodes. The season ended on a frustrating cliffhanger where fans were left wondering how Takemichi — the main protagonist of the series — would survive the whole ordeal. Well, with Season 2 of the anime series close to its official release, we’ll finally get our answer.

The anime series instantly burst into popularity because of its unique story and delinquent characters. In fact, several fans went on to read the manga series after Season 1’s conclusion out of their love for Takemichi. So, it’s no surprise that Liden Films didn’t wait long to renew the anime series for Season 2, which will cover the events from the manga’s Christmas Showdown arc.


When Does Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Come Out?

  • Episode 1 of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is scheduled to release on Saturday, January 7th, 2023, or Sunday, January 8th, 2023, depending on your region. For Japanese fans, the episode will air on local channels at 2:08 AM on January 8th, but the release date will be January 7th for most international fans because of the time difference. Disney Plus and Hulu picked the rights to stream the second season, but there’s no official time for the episode’s release on these platforms. Regardless, if Disney and Hulu follow the simulcast release pattern, here’s when you’ll get to stream Episode 1 in your region:

    Pacific Time – 9:08 AM PT (Saturday, January 7th)
    Central Time – 11:08 AM CT (Saturday, January 7th)
    Eastern Time – 12:08 PM ET (Saturday, January 7th)
    British Time – 5:08 PM GMT (Saturday, January 7th)
    European Time – 7:08 PM CEST (Saturday, January 7th)
    Indian Time – 10:38 PM IST (Saturday, January 7th)

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode Count

Liden Films has yet to reveal the official episode count for Tokyo Revengers Season 2; however, a trusted insider reported that the season would run for a total of 13 episodes. Of course, this is frustrating for some anime fans since Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers ran for 24 episodes. So, the anime community was expecting the anime to return with a two-cour (24-26 episodes) season.

However, the second season being shorter does make sense as it will only adapt the Christmas Showdown Arc, which has around 45 chapters. Season 1, on the other hand, covered the first 74 chapters of the manga series.

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