Dark Series explained(Families)

It took me 4 hours to write this , Show is so much Complicated if u dont make notes you will never be able to understand every character in depth … Save this and always read when you start watching this show

4 Families : 

  1. Tiedemann 
  2. Doppler
  3. nielsen
  4. Kahnwald 

Tiedemann family:

Egon Tiedemann :
Winden police officer in 1986
Husband to doris
Claudia’s father
Regina’s grandfather
Alexander’s grand father in law
Bartoz’s great grandfather
Ulrich’s nemesis
Doris Tiedemann :
1953 egons wife
Claudia’s mother
Reginas grandmother
Bartosz great grandmother
Welcoming landlady to agnes and tronte
Claudia Tiedemann :
Director of Powerplant in 1986
Daughter of Egon
Mother of regina
Mother in law to alexander
Grandmother to bartoz
Had affair with tronte in 1986
Archnemy of noah

Alekxander Tiedemann :
Husband of regina
Father of bartoz
Son in low of claudia
On the run in 1986 untill he meets regina & claudia
Director of power plant im 2019
Hannah has his original passport in name of boris nieswald and gun and blackmail material
Regina Tiedemann :
Wife to alexander
Mother of bartosz
Daughter of claudia
Granddaughter of egon
Owns a hotel in 2019
Diagnosed with cancer in 2019
Bartosz Tiedemann :
Son of regina & alexander
Grandson of claudia 
Great grandson of egon
Aspiring drug dealer and follower of noah
Dating martha
Best frenemies with jonas

Nielsen Family:

Agnes Nielsen :
Tronte’s mother
New in town ( 1953 )

Tronte nielsen :
Son to Agnes
Husband to jana
Father of ulrich & mads
Has affair wity claudia in 1986

Jana nielsen :
Tronte’s Wife
Mother to ulrich & mads
Becomes recluse ( kinda dead ) after mads goes missing

Mads nielsen :
Goes missing in 1986 ( age 12 )
Ulrichs brother
Son of tronte & jana

Ulrich nielsen :
Son of tronte & jana
Husband of katherina
Father of martha magnis mikkel
Lover of hannah
Police officer in 2019
Egon is his nemesis

Katharina nielsen :
Wife to ulrich
Mother of magnus martha mikkel
Principal in 2019

Martha magnus nielsen :
Siblin of mikkel
Children of ulrich & katherina
Magnus had almost afair with francizka
Martha is in love with jonas  ( nephew )
Dating bartozs

Doppler Family:

Bernd Doppler :
Founder & First director of Nuclear Power Plant
Husband of greta
Father of helge
Grandfather of peter

Greta Doppler : 
1953 Bernds Wife
Helge’s mother
Peter’s grandmother
Strict disciplinarian

Helge Doppler : 
Son of Bernd and greta
Father of peter doppler ( who is married to charlotte )
Nuclear power plant guard in 1986

Charlotte Doppler : 
Married to Peter Doppler 
Mother of Francizka & elizabeth 
Daughter in law to Helge
Police chief

Peter Doppler :
Son of helge 
Married to charlotte
Was involved with benni in 2018

Franziska Doppler : 
Daughter to peter & charlotte
Elizabeth’s sister
Dating magnus

Elizabeth doppler :
Daughter of peter & charlotte
Sister of fransizka
Yasin friese , best friend , 2019 , classmate
Both communicate using sign

Kahnwald Family:
Daniel Kahnwald :
1953 chief police
Inei”s father
Micheal’s adapted grandfather
Jonas’s great grandfather

Ines kahnwald :
Daughter of daniel
Adoptive mother of micheal
Mother in law to hannah
Grandmother to jonas
Hospital nurse

Micheal kahnwald :
Suicides in 1st episode in 2019
Father of Jonas
Married to hannah
Adoptive son to ines

Hannah Kahnwald :
Mother of Jonas
Married to micheal ( who is dead )
Daughter in law of Ines
Having affair with ulrich
Massage therapist

Jonas kahnwald :
Son of hannah and micheal
Grandson to inis
Almost boyfriend to his aunt martha nielsen


HG tannhaus 
Charlotte’s grandfather
Clockmaker inventor physicist auther of book a journey through time 
advisor to stranger & claudia
Noah : 
Murder suspect in 1953
Priest in 1986
Preist & eric’s drug supplier in 2019
Time traveller
Time Machine enthusiastic
Claudia’s archnemy
Sebastian kruger :
Hannah’s father in 1986
Torben woller : 
2109 police detective
Works with charlotte & als

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