Can I get back link from blog commenting?

Can I get back link from blog commenting?

Yes, of course you can get backlinks from blog commenting. The backlink you get from blog commenting is the type of no follow link. The blog commented backlink is known as user generated content type of no follow backlink. It is the easiest way to get backlink. But be careful the comment may be set up as trash or marked as  spam. If your comment which contains your website url or domain name is spammed it hurts your seo. The google penguin views the spammed url backlink as bad backlink.

Now let us know details of blog comment backlinks. The content covers following topics:

  1. What is ugc no follow backlink
  2. What is do follow link
  3. How to write a comment to get backlink
  4. Why do we get nofollow backlink by blog commenting

What is ugc no follow backlink?

The full form of ugc is user generated content according to ahrefs website. No follow link doesn’t allow the domains to get link juice from their websites or blogs. If you give no follow link to anyone then you do not allow the domains to get credits for ranking in SEO.

There is also a sponsored link in ahref which means that the link is sponsored, which means that link is advertisement in nature or suggests that it is paid link one. It is the choice of the blogger to give ugc no follow link or sponsored no follow link. 

There is no difference between ugc and sponsored links for the ranking factor of seo.

To increase your domain score and seo ranking you need more do follow links. But both do follow links and no follow links are needed to rank a website on keywords.

In nofollow link you don’t get a vote for quality domain or link.

What is do follow link? 

Do follow is the default link provided by  domains. It passes credit scores to the websites to rank higher in serp or to increase seo.

So do follow link is more profitable than no follow link. 

No follow link is given if in html it is written as “ref=no follow”.

The advantage of more do follow links is that you get more guest posts for your blog.

How to write a comment to get backlink? 

If you write a comment which only consists of your website url then your comment and url is in high probability to be marked as spam. You will get backlink even if your comment or url is marked as spam but it is referred as bad backlink which hurts your seo. 

To get approved for your comment and url you must write the feedback of the specific post in right manner and sometimes praise the blogger for the post. 

Important tip: Do not write fake email or inactive email address in blog comments.

You can also indicate by writing  long comments that you have read the full article and understood the whole meaning.

If your url is spammed by blogs there is some probability that your url gets spammed by other bloggers who uses the plugins for filter spammed comments.

So write your blog comments intelligently and get ugc nofollow backlink which is free from spam. 

Important tip: write the comment after some minutes of opening the article or post so that google identify that you are human. Otherwise it may pass less link juice to your blog.

You can get more benefits by writing comments on popular blogs.

Important tip: Mention your full name while blog commenting, because bloggers look for full names and they may respond to your comments.

Why do we get nofollow backlink by blog commenting?

As per default by themes of wordpress and coding it is set as no follow attributes for the comment section. 

Because many bloggers get trouble due to spammed comments and google also hates it. Many of the url in the comment section were irrelevant which targets to their blog posts. The user gets to the link of irrelevant sites which they never wanted to go. This is considered as not good by google so they introduced new system as no follow in the link attribute.

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