[100%] Pokemon Renegade Platinum Download || 2021 || Renegade Platinum Rom

[100%] Pokemon Renegade Platinum Download || 2021 || Renegade Platinum Rom

Pokemon Renegade Platinum is a ROM alternative of Pokemon Platinum. It utilizes a variety of the graphical and sound competencies from the sport. There are some changes and additions like any proper ROM alternative does. It is a retelling of Pokemon Platinum but with quite a few newer capabilities.The game quite a same as the equal story of Pokemon Platinum. There aren’t any changes in how the story flows. The handiest difference is that some characters and running trainers were altered but the story remains the identical.

The Pokemon program is greater and the setup incorporates those until Generation VI. The Fairy-type is additionally remembered for the game. All the Pokemon in Renegade Platinum have their sorts and details refreshed until Generation VI. This implies that those that as of late got auxiliary sorts or the Fairy-type will have it in the game. It additionally implies that there are added moves and a few TMs have been adjusted and refreshed. Pokemon developments can be handily done in the game as level necessities have been diminished. 

You additionally don’t have to exchange Pokemon to develop them which is consistently a welcome thought. A few thing costs have been dropped. New things have likewise been added to the game that capacities as development impetuses or simply something that you can use in the game. The thing positions in the game have likewise been changed yet not all. At the point when you progress the story, there are as yet key things that you can get from precisely the same individuals yet there are others that have been changed.

Pokemon Renegade Platinum Documentation/Features

  • All 493 Pokémon Available
  • Revamped Trainer Battles
  • Harder Boss Battles
  • Pokémon Modifications
  • Quality of Life Changes
  • Increased Shiny Rate
  • Increased Gameplay Speed
  • New Events and NPCs
  • Evolution, Item, Trade, Move Modification
  • Move Modifications

Special Features

  • All Platinum Pokemon are available and more
  • Generation V and VI Pokemon added
  • Fairy-type added
  • Pokemon stats and types are updated
  • Modified Items and prices
  • Modified TMs and added Moves
  • Modified NPCs
  • Harder special trainer and Gym Leader battles

Pokemon Renegade Platinum Rom Download

Game Name

Pokemon Renegade Platinum v1.3.0 (Hack)




Nintendo DS

Game Release

 (2 years ago)


Hack, RPG





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